[National Hanbok] Royal brown $ 515

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Product information



















       1. Top : Jeogori - grey brown <body> + Red <collar>




       2. Bottom : Skirt - Royal beige




       3. Inner dress - Gold pink













       - Wrinkle free, premium series fabric with zero


       static through special processing technology.




       - The cuffs were desigined to allow the sleeves


       to be buttoned.


       The collar was replaced with wrinkled lace instead


       of the traditional white colored fabric.




       - The collar was desigined to be more comfortable


       and relaxed for the wearer on the back


       and front collar parts.


       The more you move from the back of your neck


       to the outer rim, the more subtle the design is.

















       - Created decorative effects and practical eyelets


       (patented applications)




       - HanBokLynn Haute couture wrinkled by hand


       one by one by professional skilled artisans.




       - By maintaining the traditional style of a slim bodice,


       and an abudent skirt the "My hanbok"


       was created to appeal to both the young generation


       and foreigners looking for both fashion and comfort.









Separate purchase available for traditional scarf


with fairy tale design



Click on the image to purchase “fairy tale scarf”















Inner Layer Dress


Gold pink

Click on the image to purchase “inner layer dress”


















The order of putting on the Skirt













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< M, L SIZE, 3 FRILL >






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