Baby boy 100 day Hanbok $ 725


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      - Hanboklynn is  a traditional Hanbok brand of ‘House of Lynn’


         Each order is  all custom made.











       - Baby boy 100 day Hanbok


      - Fabric : four season silk (100%)


      - Size : 100 days baby 


      - Composition : Bannet Jeogori for newborn baby








       This Hanbok is for an one hundred day baby boy


       Traditionally poor medical technology in the past caused


       a high death ratio for babies.


       Koreans have a special custom when the babies reach 100 days. 


       There is a celebration of the baby’s health and safety


       up to that point. 


       It also contains a wish for their long life as well.














       This Hanbok is composed of Bannet Jeogori


       and Pung-cha Baji (Parachute pants)


       The Bennet Jogori has no collar to fit their neck


       more comfortably.


       Faded colorful combinations of the pants accentuate


       luxurious quality of the natural plant based fabric.














       This Hanbok accentuates the embroidery that contains


       their parents’ wishes with special patterns presenting not only


       a long life but also  wealth and honor.


       (Separately for sale the embroidered waist band)











        The slit pants are for potty trained babies to wear Hanbok easily.


        The bottom part of the pants is made by traditional buttons 


        to remove the ties which is the original way.


        Hanboklynn will show which order to wear 


        in order not to be confused (the front and back of the pants) 















       Normally, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to custom make the order


       Please email us if you want to replace some colors


       or for a consultation 


      + 82 2 517 6830






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